Once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Heard this, this morning, "Right wing christians want to take over the world, they spend their days sending e-mails deciding what we can and cannot see. They organize, since they don't work and they attack those of us who do. They are too stupid to work. Uneducated. They just want to tell everyone what to do and make them do what they think is right. I hate them, I mean I really hate them."

Same person next sentance. "I would never see the Passion of Christ (sic) it's so anti-semetic."

Is it just me? I am by no means a conservative christian, nor do I frequently find myself in there camp. (I am pretty sure I would quickly be kicked out of that camp) However I am curious to know why they are fair game? Christian bashing has become a badge of the intellegencia, replacing the traditional robes of academia. Rather than robes the intelligencia now adorn themselves with approved bias and prejudice. Arguments against the religious right, the Catholic Church, the Republican party, the military, John Ashcroft, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, the right to life movement, NASCAR, to name a few; function to signal the speakers place in the hierarchy of the learned. The argument made seldom has merit, but that is not the intention. The argument simple serves to signal that the speaker is on the side of the angels.

Next installment, exuse me learned person I wish to differ...............

Monday, March 08, 2004

Only in America. Only in America can an individual wage a daily campaign claiming his 1st Amendment rights have been infringed on the public air waves. Each morning driving to work I hear Howard Stern whinning that the government is denying his right to speech, morning after morning, hour after hour. Doesn't his voice have to be silenced for his rights to be infringed. How can you publically say, "The government will not allow me to speak nor speak against it!" Are not those words by there very nature criticisim and free speech? Were Howard being silenced wouldn't we NOT be able to hear him.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Day one of the weblog experience. So far so good. Pulse normal, breathing normal. No adverse effects.

What's on my mind? I worry about the future. Our society seems to be denigrating into ideological camps that would see the whole experiment fail rather than compromise. Political discourse has become little more than name calling and shouting matches. We have returned to the schoolyard and a playground mentality. My way or the highway; We paint those who think differently as monsters, declare them sub-human and assume for ourselves the role of transcendent uber-human. Only those in our own ideological clique posses the humanity to know and understand right from wrong. Only those with whom we agree know suffering or hardship. All wrongs we have faced were dropped upon us by THEM.

Disagreement is the life blood of democracy, but if we silence, marginalize, or negate those who think differently from us, then who is left to disagree. Who is left who would dare it? That is what concerns me.

Also, I am out of scotch.

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